What is the difference between the 4 and 5 day Lost City trek?
4 or 5 Days?

Looking for what is the best option for you between the 4 and 5 day Lost City trek alternatives? Let us answer any doubt you could have about it.

Before starting take into account these points:

  • Your physical condition.
  • You need to carry your stuff on your back.
  • There is only one path to the Lost City, and only one path back from it.

The first three days are exactly the same in both cases

You will arrive in Ciudad Perdida on the third day of your adventure. On the same day you will start your return journey, arriving at the “Mumake” or “Wiwa” camp where you will spend the third night of the trek.

From the fourth day onwards you will see the variation in the four or five day tour.

The difference in the 5 day Lost City tour

Lost City Trail elevation profile and distances

In the 4 day tour, the fourth day is taken to return to the city, in total you will walk 15 km, while in the 5 day tour the trip is divided into two stages, the fourth day you will only walk 8 km to the first camp, where you will have the rest of the afternoon of that day to rest and take a dip in the river if you wish.

On the fifth day you will complete the journey, walking the remaining 7 kilometers to El Mamey from where the car will bring you back to the city.

Some frequent questions

Do I see new things if I take a longer tour?

No. Since it’s the same road back and forth and everything interesting happens in the first three days, we can make sure you will not miss anything just by doing it in less time.

If I book the 5 day tour and I see that I can finish the tour in 4 days, can I make this change after starting the trek?

Yes, it is possible. However, Mega Sierra Tour will not be responsible for any additional expenses you could have because of it, for example when booking accommodation for a date that was not planned in advance.

If I book the 4 day tour and after starting the trek I find it necessary to add one more day, is it possible to make this change?

In this case we regret to tell you that you will have to finish it in the time you booked, as there is already a limitation in the medical assistance policy, so any additional day would leave you without coverage. In these cases of doubt, it is best to book for 5 days and let us know that you could finish the tour a day earlier if you see fit.

Are there any differences in prices, can discounts or increases be applied for booking one or another tour?

No. Both the 4 and 5 day tours have the same price and this is not subject to variations by season or dates of the year, number of people in the group, or others.

We are pleased to help you personally with any additional doubt you could have about this topic, just let us know!


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