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50% of or profit is used to invest in schools, roads, elder people, clean water and generate jobs for 6 rural communities that live around the Lost City Trek. The other 50% is used to maintain the path to the Lost City for all travellers.

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Cl. 19 #5-35 (Centro)
Santa Marta, Colombia


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Our most popular tour, the trek to the Lost City is an unforgettable experience and a must-do for anyone serious about getting to know Colombia. The Lost City is an archaeological Tayrona territory of an unknown city dated back to the year 800C.E., over 500 years before Machu Picchu. To arrive at this Tayrona archaeological masterpiece, one must trek through the vast jungle environment of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and then ascend around 1200 ancient stone steps. The trek will take you up and down the Sierra while offering unbeatable scenery and wildlife. Once in the Lost City be prepared to have your breath taken away by the network of roads and circular plazas which demonstrate how technologically advanced the ancient Tayrona people were and which give you a deeper appreciation for the history of the Colombian coast.

Remember you get a free beer at the end of your tour.
Pay 10% now (128.000 COP) and pay the balance (1.151.000 COP) in our office. Total price: 1.280.000 CO


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Day 1
Santa Marta - Mamey - Campsite 2 - Campsite 3
Departure from Santa Marta at 5:30/6:00 am. 2 hours and a half ride in a 4 by 4 vehicle. Final destination: Mamey at 8:30 am.
Breakfast in the village and start a walk for 6 hours to get to the first campsite 2. We’ll pass campsite 1.
Lunch for 1 hour.
Hike for 3 hours to camp 3.
Dinner at the campsite.
You’ll sleep in hammocks or bed depending on availability.

Day 2
Campsite 3 - Lost City - Campsite 3 - Campsite 2 Breakfast.
Departure from the campsite will be around 6:00 am.
1-hour hike to The Lost City.
3 hours and 30 minutes tour to explore the archaeological, ethnological and historical zone (The Lost City).
Return to campsite 3 for lunch.
Hike to the campsite 2 for dinner and we’ll sleep there.

Day 3
Campsite 2 - Mamey - Santa Marta.
We’ll leave campsite 2 around 6:00 am to arrive at Mamey at 12:30 pm.
We will have lunch in the town.
2 hours ride in a 4x4 vehicle to Santa Marta.
We’ll arrive around 4:30pm.

All meals included. They Can be Vegetarian or Vegan if you’d like.
Fees for the Indigenous and rural Communities.
Tickets to the Archaeological Park.
Vegetarian or Vegan.
Farewell beer.

What to bring
A pair of walking boots
Two shorts
Flip flops
Insect repellent
Long pants
Long sleeves shirt
Three t-shirts
Small backpack
Plastic bag
Toilet paper
Four or five pairs of socks
2 litters of water

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