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50% of or profit is used to invest in schools, roads, elder people, clean water and generate jobs for 6 rural communities that live around the Lost City Trek. The other 50% is used to maintain the path to the Lost City for all travellers.

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Cl. 19 #5-35 (Centro)
Santa Marta, Colombia


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At the northernmost point of all of South America sits Punta Gallinas, a small indigenous community of no more than 100 inhabitants. In this utterly unique landscape you will enjoy desert views, ocean views, and perhaps most impressively, views of where sand dunes fall directly into the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy the breathtaking environments of Hondita Bay, Taroa Dunes, and Punta Gallinas as you make your way to the Lighthouse marking the end of South America. This tour will give you a true appreciation for the beauty of the desert and the vitality of those indigenous who call this area home.
*Pay 10% now (70.000 COP) and pay the balance (630.000 COP) in our office. Total price: 700.000 COP


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Itinerary Punta Gallinas

Day 1
Santa Marta - Riohacha- Manaure - Cabo de la Vela
Departure around 4:30 a.m. from your hotel or apartment
We'll arrive to Palomino after of two hours of car drive
We’ll do a quick stop to be able admire the Snowy Peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and then we will Have breakfast
We’ll continue driving for an hour and a half to Riohacha
We will visit Uribía which is the indigenous capital
We’ll continue our way through desert of the Ahuyama towards Cabo de la Vela
Lunch in a rancheria Wayuu
Free time
Departure for the Sugar Pylon or Golden Beach where we’ll walk
approximately during 20 minutes to climb the Pylon
We’ll drive between 5:30 and 6:00 pm and we’ll see the most beautiful sunsets that Colombia can offer in the Faro
Free time to bathe in the “Ojo de Agua”
Dinner at the rancheria where will sleep in hammocks

Day 2
Cabo de la vela- Puerto Bolívar - Punta Gallinas - Bahía Hondita - Dunes of Taroa - El Faro
Departure around 4am from the ranchería
Transfer to Puerto Bolívar
Departure by car for 5 hours (boat for 4 hours - Optional) to Punta Gallinas
Breakfast at Punta Gallinas
Walk through the desert
Visit to Bahía Hondita, Dunas de Taroa and el Faro
Lunch at the Ranchería
Free time
Dinner at the rancheria where will sleep in hammocks

Day 3
Punta Gallinas - Cabo de la Vela - Manaure - Riohacha - Santa Marta
Early departure to Puerto Bolívar
Breakfast at Cabo de la Vela and departure from the rancheria to Manaure where we will learn about the process of salt collection
An optional hike of 15 min
Free time
Lunch in the ranchería
Return to Santa Marta going through Riohacha
Free time to Buy handicrafts objects
Return to your Hotel

Round trip transportation
Medical insurance
Accommodation in hammocks in a Ranchería Wayuu
(If you want to sleep a bed there is an additional fee to be paid)

What to bring
Comfortable clothes
Flips flops

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