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50% of or profit is used to invest in schools, roads, elder people, clean water and generate jobs for 6 rural communities that live around the Lost City Trek. The other 50% is used to maintain the path to the Lost City for all travellers.

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Between Santa Marta and Barranquilla lies the Via Parque Isla de Salamanca, a road which runs alongside the protected area of National Park Salamanca. This tour will take you along this road so that you can observe the flooded areas and overgrown mangrove forests as well as the migratory waterfowl and those who call this environment home. The combination of sweet water from the Magdalena River and saline water of the Caribbean Sea make this ecosystem unique and truly marvellous to observe.
*Pay 10% now (55.000 COP) and pay the balance (495.000 COP) in our office. Total price: 550.000 COP


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Itinerary National Park Salamanca

6:00 am. departure from Santa Marta drive to the island
Tour of 1 hour and 30 minutes to the island park Salamanca
We start the walk on a road of flooded areas with aquatic birds
Lunch at 12:30 p.m. in the municipality of Ciénaga
Return at 2:00 p.m. to the city of Santa Marta
Return to your hotel at 3:00 p.m

Roundtrip transportation
Bilingual guide specialized in sighting of birds
Lunch and snaks
Travel insurance
List of birds of Santa Marta

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