“Colibri Trochilinas de mi Sierra” a seed for a better comunity tourism
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Mega Sierra Tour is proud to tell the world it belongs to 6 rural communities (veredas) of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: Honduras, El Mamey, La Aguacatera, Casa ‘e tabla, San Martín and Quebrada del Sol. As any community tourism based company, Mega Sierra Tour is committed to the economic development  and preservation of the region.

Despite these six communities cover a much wider area than the Ciudad Perdida – Teyuna Trail, this was practically the only tourist route being exploited for tourism. Based on that, Mega Sierra Tour and Asojuntar G.B.D. created an initiative to involve all the communities more actively. That is where the project “Colibrí Trochilinas de mi Sierra” came from. Originally, the initiative intended to create birdwatching routes, hence the name of it, Colibrí (Hummingbird) and Trochilinas, from Trochilinae, a subfamily of humingbirds.

Liliana Torres one of the pioneers of the project, on the left of the picture, receiving the certificate of the “Misión Pymes” at FITUR.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and Procolombia trough a strategy that help similar projects nationwide. It goes without saying, there was a national call to review the initiatives and ours was one of 52 community tourism projects selected that together form the Red Nacional de Turismo Comunitario (National Network of Community Tourism). Now, Mega Sierra Tour envisions the expansion of the project to cover not only birdwatching routes but ethnotourism, adventure and others, due to the almost infinite potential of this area.

Recently, Mega Sierra Tour and Asojuntar G.B.D. were at FITUR. With the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and Procolombia support there was a great opportunity to show the initiative to more people and learn so much more about the development of such projects. It was an honor for us to represent the community tourism in Santa Marta at this event and we hope to continue to cultivate the seed of community tourism that is truly responsible for the environment and the people to whom we serve: our communities and you.

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