Although Colombia’s country image has got better in recent years, you could have this concern. And the answer is, the Lost City tour is a pretty safe trek to take. You should not worry about someone jeopardising your physical integrity or causing the loss of your belongings. But as with any adventure of this kind, there are some risks you need to know. This information will allow you to have a safer trek.

Some items in the Paraiso Camp
Most common claimings are related with items left behind in the campsites.

3 Tips for staying safe on your Lost City trek

1. Be aware of any possible limitation for taking the trek to the Lost City

Anyone in good physical condition can take the tour, a preparation before taking it is recommended but not required, after all you do not need to have a high level of fitness to complete the Lost City trek satisfactorily. Even though there are some limitations you have to take into account: Pregnancy, injuries, breathing, heart or gastric problems, among others. You will see, most of them are common sense. You have to be reasonable, remember you could put yourself or others at risk.

2. Leave the valuables in a safe place and keep an eye on your belongings

As we stated before, unsafe issues in the Ciudad Perdida – Teyuna Trail are near to zero. But that does not mean you can not lose an object of value along the way. It is very rare for it to happen, our experience has shown us the main reason of loss is neglect: Items such as clothing, sunglasses, shoes left at some campsite, a cell phone that dropped in the river, just one case of theft within 3 years, and so on. We are all humans and forgetting something is natural. That is why we recommend you to look after your stuff. We have seen people claiming a lost item up to 2 days after the tour is over! Our Lost City trek packing list includes the things you do not need to bring, do not hesitate to check it out.

3. Other simple tips to improve your safety

Taking a picture Lost City trail views
Simple safety tips will help you make the Lost City trek experience more enjoyable.
  • Do not take pictures while walking. Stop, stand in a firm position and shoot.
  • Avoid monkeying around: climbing trees, jumping from high places, doing silly and risky things to show off on social media, etc.
  • Do not stray from the path and follow your tour guide’s instructions.
  • Bring your prescription medicines and take them on time.
  • Let Mega Sierra Tour know about any allergy, health condition, injury or others. So, we can do what is necessary to take care of you.
  • Be specially careful during the rainy season, some parts of the trail can be so slippery.

In conclusion, the Lost City trail is not a dangerous place but following some basic recommendations can improve your experience by keeping you safer.

For this or other concerns please feel free to contact us.