Surely, you will agree with us, that you cannot photograph whatever you would want while traveling, there are privacy, copyright and/or security issues. But talking about the lost city, are there any limitations on the pictures you can take there?

The answer is yes, but it is a matter of the native’s privacy. Here we tell you all you need to know before shooting your camera.

1. Do not take any photos of the natives without their authorization

This is a basic rule, before taking any photo of the indigenous, please ask your guide if it is possible to do it, he can talk to them and get their permission, in most cases they will accept.

2. Photos of children are totally forbidden

The reason is you need permission from their parents, but in most cases the kids are playing outdoor and their parents are not right there. It happened tourists did not have the chance to get their permission and just photographed them freely. Now to avoid any inconveniences they have prohibited taking pictures of children.

3. Aerial footage by drones are limited just to some areas

Specifically, the area that belongs to the peasant community and the Lost City Archaeological Park Area, in other words, you cannot fly a drone over the indigenous reserve area, which means you cannot get any footage of the Mutanyi village, nor any house that belongs to the indigenous community. If you bring a drone, the guide will let you know where you can fly it or not, but just to remark, the Lost City and its surroundings can be recorded using drones and/or other devices, the only points where it is not allowed to do it, are any within the indigenous reserve area.


The main thing to keep in mind is these communities are sharing their space with us, and we can enjoy this adventure and respect their privacy at a time. An analogy that can help you understand this point of view, is imagining somebody in your neighborhood flying a drone over your yard, or even worst, in your living room! (As it happened in a native’s home) or just taking photos of your children without you even knowing it! In Mega Sierra Tour we are commited to the development of the communities, that is why we believe the first step is having a deep respect for them while working hand in hand.

Even when we are sharing these rules with everyone, you can find online footage that do not comply with them since they started recently, or see some tourists breaking them (because they ignore them or just do not care). The point is you can commit too with the essence of responsible and community tourism while having a lifechanging experience!