The Ciudad Perdida tour is under the Adventure tourism category. Despite this, it is the only way to get to the archaeological site. So, the difficulty level of the Lost City trek should be as low as possible. Not all the tourists visiting the Lost City are trekkers or athletes. But as some did not have enough time they looked for an alternative that took less time, that is why there was a 3-day Lost City tour. But from now on, no company can offer this alternative.

The 3 day Lost City Tour

This option merged the first two days of the common tour (the 4-day Tour to the Lost City) into one. This tour started earlier and part of the trail of the first day was covered by taking a motorbike. It was a very challenging tour that required an optimal physical condition.

Lost City Archaelogical Site
The 4-day Lost City tour is such an enjoyable experience. It should recharge your spirit not tire yourself out.

Reason for suspending the 3-day option

This tour could be too tiring for the average tourist, which could increase the risk of accident by not being in the best condition to walk. Based on that, the Lost City Trekking Committee decided to forbid the operation of the 3 day tour. So, in short, the reason is to improve the safety of the tourists.

What this means to you

It means, we are not accepting more booking requests for the 3-day Lost City tour. But, if you have booked it yet, it will not be canceled nor changed. Of course, about the 4 day and the 5 day Lost City tours we remark, they continue unchanged.

We hope this decision can help to the continous improvements of this wonderful destination.