Is the Lost City trek worth it?

We could answer inmediately with a resounding yes, but we are a company that offers the tour so, you would think we only want to sell you something. That is why we want you to show the answers of travel bloggers that have done the trek in the last 3 years. What we did is simple: We have collected their answers and put them on the same place, so you can compare them and conclude by yourself if the Lost City trek is worth the money. As we want to be as fair and transparent as possible, these blogger have done the trek with different companies. We are focusing on the destination itself. So, let’s start!

What travel bloggers tell you about the Lost City trek

“… when I found out about the Lost City trek & the journey involved, my heart leapt at the prospect of such a mysterious escapade. It’s been on my radar for years, and after finally doing it the other week, I can say it’s even better than I thought it would be.”

Ford, Where’s the gringo


“It’s a tough but rewarding journey. After all, like all great treks, it’s not just about the end destination. The entire trip has a lot to offer and you’ll be in awe of your surroundings from start to finish. It’s definitely something to add to your bucket list.”

Juan Martínez, Traveler’s buddy


“If being hot, fatigued, sweaty, dirty, and bug-bitten is a suitable trade-off for you in exchange for incredible landscapes and ancient ruins, then you’ll find this hike well worth it (we certainly did!).”

Jen Avery, Thrifty Nomads


“Overall, the Lost City Trek was a tough hike, but it was definitely worth it to see more of the Colombian jungle and the remnants of the Ciudad Perdida.”

Claire, Tales of a backpacker


“Most hikers are not that experienced, they just see this as a cool challenge. So you don’t have to be experienced at all. If you like to hike, just do it! You won’t regret it, I promise you.”

Maaike Lut, Travel a lut


“You might be asking yourself, ‘Is the Lost City trek worth it?’ and our answer is “YES!” It’s a unique hike that allows you to experience the natural beauty of the region as well as immerse yourself in the history of the area.”

Oksana and Max, Drink tea and travel


And your conclusion is…

Whether you are deciding to start this adventure or you just booked it and need an extra confirmation you have made a good decision, we are sure the experience of these travelers will be very helpful. As shown, what you have to consider the most is the effort required by the trek and the toughness of the jungle. We have dedicated an article to see all the factors that can help you to determine the level of hardness of the Lost City trek and show you if the trek is for you, do not hesitate to check it out. Now it’s time to live the Lost City Trek experience by yourself and write your own review! It will not be much different from those seen here!

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