Food in the Lost City Trek
Food in Lost City

One of the things that stand out in the reviews about the Lost City trek is its food, since it is not only delicious but also abundant. If you want to know in advance what awaits you, this is the article you were looking for.

Ingredients used in the kitchens of the Lost City Trail

Below we explain the most common ingredients in the preparations offered in the tour to Ciudad Perdida and explanations about some typical foods.

  • The fruits offered at the stops are generally watermelons and/or oranges. At breakfast the most common are: pineapple, melon and papaya.
  • Arepa: This is a typical food of Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine, made from corn flour. It has a circular and flattened shape.
  • Cheese (Queso costeño): It is a low humidity and hard cheese. It is characterized by being salty.
  • Ingredients of the soups: Ahuyama, cassava, potato, corn, cooking banana. Vegetables such as onions, coriander.
  • Protein: Beef, chicken, fish, tuna, chorizo. (Pork is not offered).


Breakfast (Bread, cheese, eggs, fruit)

In each camp the work starts quite early and a good coffee cannot be required. So you can start the morning with your coffee while you finish getting ready for the hike.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if it is for such a demanding hike much more! For this reason breakfast should provide the necessary nutrients and energy. Generally, breakfast will be a simple but generous portion of bread, eggs and/or cheese and fruit. In some cases the bread can be replaced by arepas. This breakfast can be accompanied by a good hot chocolate.


Lost City Lunch - Rice grilled chicken salad and soup of vegetables

In Colombia a typical lunch includes rice, meat, vegetables, salad and soup. Lunch can be a combination of the usual rice, with beef, chicken or fish. Beans or lentils, some salad and soup.

Soups are usually just vegetables and tubers, so they are suitable for vegetarians too.

Snacks in Lost City
Served! The snacks in Lost City


The guide will offer snacks which are usually cookies, chocolates or other. In Ciudad Perdida a variety of snacks are offered that can include chips, popcorn, fruit, cookies, snack (a type of guava candy), etc.


Dinner is similar to lunch. It can be rice with vegetables or rice accompanied by some variety of salad and beef.

Common questions about food

Can I have vegetarian or vegan meals during the Lost City trek?

Our cooks have the training to prepare vegetarian or vegan meals and will be happy to consider your request. (During the booking process, we will inquire about your food preferences or restrictions in order to prepare your meals according to your specifications).

If I have food allergies or special dietary requirements, can you handle them?

These cases are frequent. So, our cooks will also be ready to strictly follow your instructions. During the booking process we will need you to tell us the severity of the allergy, a detailed list of the foods you are allergic to and what type of medication you will bring with you, in case of an emergency. If your allergy is very severe, it will be better if you come with someone trained in attending any unforeseen event.

Do you provide water during the trek to Ciudad Perdida?

You can refill your bottle or camelbak at each campsite. Just bring it full of water on the first day of the tour. We take the water from pure water sources and then filter it, so it is not necessary to bring pills or drops to purify the water. We recommend being reasonable with the amount of water you will carry during the tour as you will be carrying your backpack all the time. Keep in mind what to bring and what not to bring for the Ciudad Perdida tour.

Evidently, you will eat like an ancient Tayrona leader, so you can have the enough energy to live this challenging experience.

Mega Sierra Tour runs daily departures to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), come and see why we are a different company. Do not hesitate to visit this historical site with us!

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