Does the closure of the Tayrona Park affect the Lost City tour in any way?

For 2020, the 4 indigenous tribes that inhabits the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta have requested three breaks for the Tayrona Park. As the indigenous communities also have control over the trail to the Lost City and the archaeological site itself, does it affect the Lost City tour operation in any way?

Tayrona, Sierra Nevada and Teyuna Ciudad Perdida: Three different things

In Santa Marta area, we have access to both National Natural Parks: Tayrona and part of the Sierra Nevada too. In the case of the Tayrona Park, it has some of its beaches open to the public, but the tourist carrying capacity is controlled by National Natural Parks of Colombia, that is why they require an entry ticket. On the other hand, Sierra Nevada is just a protected zone that has no box office, so you can find yourself anywhere there, without paying any entry ticket.

Finally, Teyuna Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) is an archaelogical site within the boundaries of the Sierra Nevada Park area, but, as it is an Archaeological Park, it is administered by ICANH (Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, from its Spanish initials), and an entry ticket is required too.

As you can see, there are different administrations for each park, but in all of them the indigenous community has decision-making powers. The closure of the Tayrona Park has a cultural and spiritual reason. Ecologically, we understand that these breaks let the environment to recover, and every year, while there is a spiritual cleaning a physical occurs as well.

When is Tayrona Park closed in 2020?

1st – 29th February

1st – 15th June

19th October – 2nd November

A closure of one park does not affect others

Here goes the answer. The Lost City continues in fully normal operation during the closure of the Tayrona Park. In addition, up to the moment of writing this article, the dates of the Tayrona Park closure do not coincide with the closure of the Lost City, which is closed throughout the month of September (unless there is a change. We will be announcing the exact dates of the last tour before its closure and the start of operations).

All in all, pack for your adventure in the Lost City, we are always ready to go!

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