Santa Marta is known locally as the “Pearl of America” for its beaches, mountains, forests and others. This attracts many visitors from all over the world, and a destination they cannot miss is the Tayrona National Natural Park. Nonetheless, from some months ago the management of the National Park is passing through a transition that has changed the way you can get the entrance tickets. We bring you an article about where to buy your entrance tickets for Tayrona Park and the entrance fees, so you can save time while planning your visit to this destination.

Tayrona Park Entrance Fee

For buying your tickets you have to take into account two things, age, nationality and tourist season. According to age: children up to 5 years old, older than 5 up to 25 years old, older than 25 years old up to 65, and older than 65 years old. According to nationality: colombians, foreigners that live in Colombia, and foreigners that come from any country that belongs to the CAN (Comunidad Andina de Naciones, those are: Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru) are all in the same category, that we will call here colombians. Foreigners that do not live in Colombia or do not come from Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador are in another category, that we will call here foreigners, for simplicity.

  • Any children (colombian or foreigner) younger than 5 years old does not pay entrance fee.
  • Any adult (colombian or foreigner) older than 65 years old does not pay entrance fee.

Tayrona Park Low Season Entrance fees

  • Colombian (6 – 25 years old): $ 18,500 COP
  • Colombian (25+ years old): $ 25,000 COP
  • Foreigner (6 – 65 years old): $ 55,500 COP

Tayrona Park High Season Entrance fees (1 december to 31 january, 1 june to 1 july, Holy Week, long weekends and from 3 to 12 october)

  • Colombian (6 – 25 years old): $ 21,500 COP
  • Colombian (25+ years old): $ 29,500 COP
  • Foreigner (6 – 65 years old): $ 66,500 COP

A mandatory insurance is required for you to visit the Tayrona National Natural Park

Everybody before entering the National Park needs an insurance policy that covers any accident within the Natural Reserve, and it is mandatory. If you are taking the tour to the Tayrona Park with us, this insurance policy is included. If you buy the entrance tickets by yourself you get the insurance policy right there, but remember it is an extra charge.

Where can you buy entrance tickets for Tayrona National Natural Park?

Up to this date, the only way to buy tickets is at the entrance ticket offices located in each sector of the Tayrona Park open to the public: Zaino, which is the entrance to visit Cabo San Juan del Guía beach and Palangana, the entrance to Neguanje beach and Playa Cristal.

What about to buy the entrance tickets for Tayrona Park online?

From March the 1st on there is no way to buy the tickets online, as it was done a couple of months ago. We will update this information as soon as you can do the purchase online.

Operating hours of the Tayrona Park and closures in 2020

The Tayrona Park operates 9 hours, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, everyday. Which means the ticket office is accepting people entering or leaving the park between this span of time. When you return from Cabo San Juan del Guía, we recommend you to do it before 2:30 pm, that way you have enough time to leave the park before they close. Remember the hiking takes 2 hours approximately, from one point to another.

The Tayrona Park has three closures in 2020: 1st – 29th February, 1st – 15th June, 19th October – 2nd November. If you are doing the Lost City trek in those days remember the closure of the Tayrona Park does not affect the operation of the Lost City.

The beaches of the Tayrona Park are great destinations to see in Colombia do not miss the opportunity to enjoy them. We hope this information can help you to set a budget and plan your trip to the Tayrona Park. In case you want to visit these beaches in a hassle-free plan, Mega Sierra Tour can be in charge of all the logistics, tours to Playa Cristal and the Tayrona beach of Cabo San Juan del Guía are waiting for you!